The Perfect Cup of Chai

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The Perfect Cup of Chai

Make a single cup of masala chai with Trupti's Chai Masala.

Trupti's CTC Loose Tea - 2 tablespoons recommended
Half a cup of water
Half a cup of milk
Fresh Ginger
Fresh Mint
Trupti's Chai Masala

Bring the water with the loose tea to a boil on a stove in a pan or small pot on med-high heat. Add the milk, 2 -3 fresh mint leaves, a pinch of grated fresh ginger and sugar (as desired) and a pinch of Trupti's chai masala to the pot. Let it all come to a boil while constantly mixing it to ensure the does not burn. Once it comes to a boil, strain it into a cup and enjoy your perfect cup of masala chai.

It will take you approximately 5 min to make a cup of chai.